Commemorative Bench Policy

BenchPolicy regarding the placement of memorial or commemorative benches on the village green at Boughton Lees

1. Benches will be considered only for people who have either (a) been resident in the village for at least five years at some time during their lives (b) had a close association with the cricket club.
2. There will be a maximum number of 13 benches allowed on the Green at any one time, with a maximum of 10 sited around the boundary of the cricket area.
3. Allocation of benches will be on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.
4. One of two types of specified bench, with appropriate fixings, will be selected by donors*
5. The Parish Council must agree to the proposed location, installation process and wording of inscriptions before any action is taken.
6. The donor will be responsible for the meeting of all costs, including the purchase of the bench and fixings, the inscription, and installation.
7. Installation will take place at a time agreed with the Parish Council, by an agreed installer.
8. Maintenance of the bench will be the responsibility of the donor, or their representatives. This includes appropriate cleaning and making good of damage incurred from whatever source.
9. The Parish Council have the right to move the position of the bench at any time, should they consider this appropriate. All reasonable attempts will be undertaken by the Parish Council to advise the donor or their representatives of their action and the new siting of the bench.
10. The Parish Council retain the right to remove the bench from the site should the bench be considered unserviceable. All reasonable attempts will be made to contact the original donor or representatives before this action is taken.
11. All enquiries for commemorative benches will be added to the Commemorative Bench File held by the Parish Clerk, and allocated a file number.

*At the time of writing (January 2017), these are the 1.8 metre Mendip Memorial Bench produced by Woodcraft UK, or the 2.0 metre Park Seat With Back in brown or black (RFPBE03), produced by NBB Recycled Furniture.


January 2017